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In the fiercely competitive landscape of the European truck industry, DAF Trucks emerged as a force to be reckoned with in 2023, showcasing record-breaking production numbers and cementing its position as a market leader across five key European nations. Fuelled by a commitment to innovation, DAF Trucks embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainable transportation, spearheading initiatives in electric truck manufacturing and unveiling acclaimed models such as the XF 450, lauded for its exceptional fuel efficiency. Beyond European borders, DAF Trucks experienced remarkable global sales growth, penetrating new markets and solidifying its presence in established ones. Moreover, the company’s dedication to customer care was underscored by the expansion of service offerings and the establishment of eco-friendly facilities, reflecting a holistic approach towards enhancing the customer experience. As the industry anticipates the year ahead, DAF Trucks stands poised for continued success, underpinned by a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction and a robust product portfolio tailored to meet evolving market demands. Read on for a summary of key achievements.

– Record-breaking production: DAF Trucks manufactured 69,800 trucks in 2023, establishing market leadership in five European countries.

– Innovation in electric trucks: The company-initiated plans for fully electric trucks with a new Electric Truck Assembly facility in Eindhoven and introduced multi-axle XD and XF trucks.

– Accolades for XF 450: The XF 450 model won three German comparison tests for fuel efficiency, earning titles like ‘Green Truck 2023’ and the ‘European Transport Award for Sustainability.’

– Market dominance: DAF maintained heavy-duty market leadership in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, and Bulgaria, while expanding sales outside Europe.

– Global sales growth: DAF achieved delivery records in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and became a market leader in Colombia’s cab-over-engine segment.

– Component contributions: DAF Components shipped over 2,350 PACCAR engines worldwide, setting new standards for fuel efficiency and passenger comfort.

– Customer care initiatives: DAF opened 27 new TRP Stores and began constructing an eco-friendly PACCAR Parts Distribution Center, reaching a milestone of 250,000 DAF Multisport Repair & Maintenance service contracts.

– Outlook: With a focus on exceptional customer service and a strong product lineup, DAF Trucks is positioned for success in 2024 amidst estimated European truck industry registrations of 260,000 – 300,000 trucks.