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We are thrilled to highlight a cutting-edge example of the future of EV charging: a wind turbine direct-to-charger facility on the A5 near Leighton Buzzard/Hockliffe. Many of our customers use this route, making it an exciting development for HTC Group. Located on a major trunk road, this busy site is perfect for cars, vans, trucks, and coaches—all are welcome!

This innovative project, spearheaded by AW Group, Vital EV, and Kempower, showcases clean, green energy in the right place. It was an inspiring day on day 4 of the EV Rally for Vital EV and Arnold White Group as the rally passed through AW Energy’s brand-new charging hub!

It was fantastic to see various electric vehicles, including the DAF LF Electric, at this new site during the EV Rally, charging up for their next leg using the Kempower Satellite DC chargers, supplied, installed, and commissioned by Vital EV Solutions.

AW Energy collaborates with Vital EV Solutions to understand and implement this technology innovatively. ‘A vision realised,’ says Robin James, Key Accounts Director of Vital EV Solutions, as he spoke to John Fairlie, Managing Director of AW Energy.

Grid capacity is often a concern at charging sites, but not at this one, which provides renewable energy onsite. This is especially crucial with the growing need for fast charging and kW/unit. Currently, the site boasts 900 kW of charging capacity, set to increase to 1.6 megawatts in the future.

John Fairlie explained that AW Group will start with existing grid solutions and expand as utilisation increases. This is the first of many sites, with planning consent for the next one already in place. The future site will incorporate wind, solar, batteries, and EV charging, eventually directly wiring homes and businesses.

Robin James also mentioned that 1 megawatt charging satellites are on the horizon, and perhaps in the future, even trucks will be charged with 1MW.

The future of EV charging is bright, and we are excited to be part of this journey toward a sustainable and innovative tomorrow.