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The New Generation DAF XF 450 has once again proven its prowess in the world of commercial trucks, securing the top spot in an extensive evaluation conducted by the renowned German trade magazine, Truck & Trailer Welt. During the European Truck Challenge (ETC) test, the XF 450 showcased its exceptional qualities, emerging as the best choice for both fleet owners and drivers within its segment. This accomplishment adds to the truck’s accolades, as it was previously awarded the prestigious ‘International Truck of the Year 2022’ and in May of this year, was awarded ‘Green Truck 2023’ by leading German trade magazines VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker.

The ETC test, which rigorously compares trucks from leading European manufacturers in terms of cost, handling, performance, and driver comfort, highlighted the exceptional qualities of the New Generation DAF XF 450. According to Philipp Bönders, editor-in-chief of Truck & Trailer Welt, no other cab offered superior comfort, better equipment, or a more attractive design. As a result, the DAF XF 450 received the highest score in driver rankings, earning the ETC Drivers Choice award for 2023.

Moreover, the DAF XF 450 demonstrated exceptional cost efficiency, particularly with current fuel prices, thanks to its significantly low combined fuel and AdBlue consumption. Hans-Jürgen Wildhage, test editor at Truck & Trailer, noted the truck’s smooth performance on the demanding ETC test route, including mountain roads, and praised the engine’s smooth operation. When it comes to fuel consumption on individual sections of the comparison test route, the DAF XF 450 outperformed the competition.

Bart Bosmans, a member of the DAF Board of Management responsible for Marketing and Sales, expressed the company’s pride in receiving both the ‘Drivers Choice’ award and recognition for the lowest operating costs. He emphasised that the New Generation XF, alongside the XD, XG, and XG+ series, offers drivers a spacious, luxurious, and comfortable cab with an unprecedented direct view, making it the ideal working space. Additionally, these trucks are known for their low operating costs, making them a top choice for owners in today’s challenging times. The New Generation DAF line-up truly represents the best series on the market.

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