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Welcome to an exciting DAF Electric Vehicle (EV) update from the HTC Group, where noteworthy events are taking place this month, demanding your attention! 

Within the HTC Group resides David Price, an Electric Vehicles Specialist, brimming with enthusiasm for inviting a wider audience to embark on the transformative journey of incorporating electric HGVs within commercial fleets. Within a span of just three weeks, the HTC Group has actively engaged and will continue to participate in three distinct events aimed at driving the adoption of electric vehicles. These gatherings serve as platforms to foster discussions, specifically addressing user apprehensions and resolving technical issues and concerns. By facilitating such dialogues, the HTC Group is dedicated to making the transition into electric vehicles both exhilarating and well-supported for all involved parties. The three events are detailed below. 

Event 1: Leyland Trucks Factory Tour

Last week, a notable gathering of customers and enthusiastic staff members convened to partake in a series of captivating presentations focused on Electric Vehicles (EVs). The event also included an enlightening Daf factory tour, allowing visitors to gain insights into the seamless integration of electric vehicles within the production line. The occasion was skilfully hosted by our very own, David Price and Dan Burdett, representing DAF, the esteemed manufacturer.

Designed exclusively for Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) prospects, the event provided a comprehensive exhibition of the latest advancements in the electric vehicle realm. Attendees were treated to enlightening presentations delivered by industry experts. The lineup featured Amy Carter from DAF Trucks UK, Chris Griffiths, the chief engineer at the Leyland factory, Gerry Walsh from Certas, and David Price from the HTC Group.

The presentations covered an array of compelling topics, including the revolutionary New Gen electric vehicles, Phase 3 LF electric models, Paccar Chargers, invaluable insights derived from the BETT trial, and the meticulous integration of BEV technology into the production line. Moreover, participants were granted an exclusive preview of the plans for Phase 3 test vehicles, providing them with an extraordinary opportunity to witness these groundbreaking advancements firsthand.

Event 2: The 2023 EV Rally (EVR)

The exciting 2023 EV Rally (EVR), takes place next week 3rd-7th July, showcasing the capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs) in the fleet industry. This five-day event highlights the role of EVs in UK and Irish fleets, featuring approximately 50 EVs, including electric motorcycles and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The rally aims to demonstrate the versatility of EVs and their contribution to fleet efficiency and net-zero emissions. Participants will embark on a 1200+ mile journey, visiting capital cities and showcasing charging infrastructure. Key industry figures, media, and celebrities join the rally, promoting sustainable transportation solutions. The event concludes with a grand finale after covering over 1200 miles, reinforcing the transformative potential of EVs in the transportation industry.

HTC’s very own celebrities, David Price (electric sales specialist) and Paul Whincup (truck sales manager) will be driving the DAF electric Truck on day one of the adventure! Be sure to look out for them and tag the HTC Group if you snap a picture! 

Event 3: EV Live at Blenheim Palace

Get ready for another of the most anticipated electric vehicle (EV) events of the year, taking place at the prestigious Blenheim Palace, a World Heritage Site. From the 7th to the 9th of July 2023, this event promises to offer invaluable insights and thrilling driver experiences for those eager to delve into the world of EVs. Immerse yourself in the captivating showcase of cutting-edge EV models including one of the DAF Electric demonstrator vehicles! The HTC Group alongside Ford & Slater are supporting DAF Trucks UK in running a stand to again draw attention to the advantages of introducing electric HGVs into business plans.  All of this will take place against the breathtaking backdrop of one of the country’s most beautiful locations, making it an unforgettable experience for EV enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Please join us on an electrifying journey into the future of electric DAFs! Discover what’s in store and stay tuned for updates on each event. Get ready to be amazed! To learn more and get regular updates follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! 

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