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At HTC Group, we take immense pride in our longstanding partnership with Reston Waste Management. Over two decades, we’ve been witness to their remarkable journey, from their modest beginnings in the industry to their current status as one of the premier independent Waste Management companies in the south-east. This transformation has been inspiring, a testament to the dedication and vision of Andrew, Sharon, and their exceptional team. HTC is proud of their association with Reston Waste Management as socially responsible and effective leaders in their field.

In reflecting on this enduring partnership, HTC Contracts Manager, Neil Underwood, shared his sentiments, remarking, “It has been a privilege to witness the remarkable growth of Andrew’s empire and fleet at Reston Waste over the years, and to see the enduring support for the DAF product. Witnessing this journey fills me with a profound sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Reston Waste Management, founded by Andrew and Sharon Reston in 1998, has emerged as a leading independent waste company. With a zero-landfill policy and advanced recovery facilities, they offer versatile waste management solutions including skip hire and rubbish collection.

Having heavily invested in a fleet of 70 modern, safety-equipped trucks, Reston Waste prioritises excellence, holding FORS Silver accreditation and adhering to ISO standards, a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

Since 1970, HTC Group has been a driving force in the trucking industry. As a DAF franchise under Ballyvesey Holdings, our customer-centric approach, and ISO 9001 accreditation, ensure top-notch service for a diverse clientele.

The enduring partnership between Reston Waste Management and HTC Group has been instrumental in both companies’ success stories. For over two decades, HTC has provided custom-tailored specifications and maintenance programmes, contributing to the growth of Reston Waste. This collaboration reflects shared values and a commitment to excellence, driving positive change in both our customer bases.

Tony Dumpleton, Truck Sales Executive from HTC highlights, “Working closely with Reston Waste, we’ve customised vehicle specifications to perfectly align with their precise tasks. Tailored maintenance programs prioritise uptime, ensuring seamless operations. Our comprehensive DAF Repair & Maintenance agreements, coupled with a strategic rolling replacement plan, aim to maintain the Reston fleet at peak performance.”

According to Tony, “The distinguishing factor in our association with Reston Waste lies in the authentic camaraderie that has blossomed over time. Andrew and Sharon, far beyond being esteemed clients, have evolved into camaraderie. This mutual regard and shared objectives serve as the foundation of our collaboration, propelling us to appropriately enhance our services and backing for Reston Waste Management.”

Dan Guirey, a seasoned transport controller at Reston Waste Management, is quick to promote the exceptional advantages of DAF vehicles. “The superior build quality of DAF trucks, combined with our quick and effective support, ensures that any issues are swiftly addressed, minimising downtime. The efficiency and manoeuvrability of DAF skip vehicles have proven indispensable for Reston Waste. Their ability to navigate tight spaces and access challenging sites sets them apart from competitors. Inside the cab, the experience mirrors that of a high-end car, delivering both durability and sophistication.”

With our dedicated tool, DAF Check, Reston Waste gains instant access to crucial vehicle information, streamlining their operations and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Through daily interactions with our team, specifically at HTC Park Royal, we’ve cultivated a strong working relationship, marked by open communication and mutual trust.

At HTC Group, we hold our enduring partnership with Reston Waste Management in the highest regard. Over the course of more than two decades, we have witnessed their impressive evolution from humble beginnings to becoming one of the foremost independent Waste Management companies in the south-east. This transformation speaks volumes about the dedication and vision of Andrew, Sharon, and their remarkable team. HTC takes immense pride in our association with Reston Waste Management, recognizing them as socially responsible and highly effective leaders in their field. The shared values of excellence, social responsibility, and a commitment to customer-centric service form the solid foundation of our collaboration, driving positive change in both our customer bases. Our mutual camaraderie and commitment to enhancing services and support for Reston Waste Management continue to be the driving forces behind this partnership’s success. Together, we exemplify the power of collaboration and shared values, perpetuating positive change in the waste management and trucking industries.

This enduring partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration, shared values, and a commitment to excellence. Together, we continue to drive positive change in the waste management and trucking industries.

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