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Unlock the full potential of your new DAF truck with our complimentary driver training!

When you order a New Generation DAF XG⁺, XG, or XF, or DAF CF, you’re entitled to a 90-minute static vehicle handover and up to 60-minute on-road familiarisation, led by a certified DAF Dealer Driver Trainer.

Enhance Your Driving Experience:
– Get the best out of your new DAF truck with our certified training.
– Savings for operators: Drivers will be introduced to fuel-saving features, optimising vehicle efficiency.

Training Details:
– Classroom and driving sessions available.
– Understand fuel consumption factors, pollutants, regeneration, safety features, and economical aspects.
– Vehicle handover specialist training focuses on the ‘7-step walk-around,’ procedures, safety, and comfort features.

– Initial training is free for one driver (up to three months from the delivery date).
– Additional drivers can opt for further training at a reasonable cost.

Make every journey safer, more efficient, and cost-effective. Elevate your driving skills with DAF’s excellent customer service option!

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