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DAF, a pioneer in sustainable solutions, introduces the all-new DAF XB Electric, expanding its low carbon product range. The XB Electric is a game-changer, offering the same exceptional driver comfort, drivability, efficiency, and safety features as its diesel counterpart. Tailored for sustainable inner-city and regional distribution, this electric marvel comes in 16, 19, and 12 tonnes versions, providing versatile options for your business.

Key Features of DAF XB Electric:

1. Impressive Range: With ranges up to 350 kilometers, the XB Electric ensures your transportation needs are met with ‘zero-emission’ efficiency.

2. Powerful E-Motor: The e-motor provides 120 or 190 kW of nominal power, offering robust performance with minimal environmental impact.

3. Advanced Battery Technology: DAF utilises lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs with zero cobalt and magnesium for maximum durability.

Charging Flexibility:

– The ‘Combined Charging System’ allows regular network charging, ideal for end-of-day returns.

– Rapid charging from 20% to 80% takes only 40 to 70 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime.

Transition with Confidence:

Embarking on the electric journey can be daunting, but DAF and its specialists are here to guide you. Our expert David Price can recommend the optimal truck configuration and charging strategy for your unique business needs based on in-the-field research. Additionally, our extensive dealer network provides facilities, expert advice, and a dedicated driver support program, ensuring you maximise the potential of your electric operation. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the future of electric transport! Register to receive your free pass today and join us at the London EV Show, where you can explore the DAF XB Electric up close, ask questions, and gain valuable insights into making the transition to sustainable transport. Let’s build a greener future together!

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